The moment you've all been waiting for....  

Posted by Jenna

Ok, so probably not... but we've definitely been waiting for it. After six months of searching and hoping and praying... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

Here it is! I know... we don't love the arches either, but eh, give a little/take a little.

Here is our kitchen.. it is so spacious, I hardly know what to do with all the room.

The family room...

... and the itty bitty backyard for our itty bitty someday-son to play in!

The whole process has been eye-opening and we have learned a ton about being home owners! So far...

1. Picking out paint is a lot harder than you'd think (so is taping off a house)
2. Doorknobs- such an under appreciated necessity- and quite the chunk of change too!
3. Plumbers have a hard job!
4. No wonder they have stores like Home Depot and Lowes
5. Our families are the greatest blessings we have!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

Just some pictures of the painting process..

The "color inspiration" as they say on HGTV

We'll wow you with some before and after pictures someday when we get things put away and decorated :)

Mary's very first trip to Vegas!!  

Posted by Jenna

We are so lucky that our wonderful sister Mary came to visit us last weekend! It was a blast to have her here and it gave us the perfect excuse to get away and do something FUN!!

Hyrum and I have been planning on celebrating our one year anniversary for some time now (since June actually.. four months late isn't SO bad, right?) and we decided that we would treat ourselves to a musical- one of the great perks of living in a big city. Well it just so happens that Mary loves musicals too, and that she had never seen The Lion King (which was our show of choice).. PERFECT!! So we surprised Mary (with some help!) and went to the show. It was so good! We all did admit that it loses a little of the effect when the man behind you starts quoting the words a half second before the performers...buuuut I guess that's what you get when you buy the cheap tickets, right? (Luckily he only did it a couple times!)

Cute Siblings..

Nothing like a first anniversary picture when your big and pregnant!

We also spent the weekend trying our luck at the slots...

...and trying out new paint colors for our HOUSE! (House, you say? I know.. that post should have come first.. but we have a house!! and it's wonderful! and I will post about it so soon.)

Thank you SO much for coming Mary! It meant so much to us, and we loved the company. Next time we'll be coming up to see YOU with our little guy in tow! woo!

i like to pretend it looks like this outside....  

Posted by Jenna

I love, love, LOVE autumn. So much so, that I'm currently pretending it's fall outside by wearing long sleeved shirts, cozy jackets, and scarves even though it's still in the 80's and I'm a month from having a baby... Come on Vegas, give a little here.

Check out my big tummy!  

Posted by Jenna

I haven't decided if I'm proud or embarrassed of these pictures yet... but either way, it's me. Ta Da!

and so it begins..  

Posted by Jenna

I use to love packing when I was little.. whenever we'd go on vacation I would pack up my suitcase 2/3 days before we had to, just out of excitement. It's still a little bit fun, but I have a feeling I won't be singing the packing praises by the end of this week!

Bring on the worms and dirt....  

Posted by Jenna

Because we're having a baby BOY!!!

Young Couple Survives Serious Attack from Giant Crocodiles  

Posted by Hyrum

Hello all! This is a post directed to Hyrum's family blog.. but we figured we'd give everyone else an update too...

So lately this is what's been going on with us (via pictures).

1. Graduation... kinda...

Contrary to popular to belief, we actually didn't graduate yet! We just walked so they could take fancy pictures (which Hyrum was thrilled about...) and go out to dinner with mom and dad.

During Spring term, Hyrum's taking two classes (plus beginning golf- watch out brother golf game!!) and still working as a TA. Jenna finished her internship (much to her delight!) and is taking about 4 classes of GE's she never finished (and regrets).

June 18th is our last day of finals and we will OFFICIALLY be done - as long as we don't drop out between now and then.

2. El Nino
This is our 15th week (which means Jenna is feeling much better.. which means Hyrum is feeling much better too) and we're heading into the second trimester! We heard the baby's heartbeat a couple weeks ago, which was amazing. We were a little concerned at first when the doctor took awhile to find it, but he did and said everything sounded great! We wish we would have asked him how fast it was so that we could better educate our guesses about boy or girl, but we should find that out within a month or so? (Sorry Alicia, we've sold out). We are really excited and can't wait to be parents!

3. CORE as in apple core, not Coor's light as mom thought :)

(content has been removed)

4. Viva Las Vegas!

Along with that, most of you know we will be moving to Vegas after the Bear Lake trip (which we are stoked about!!!) We're thinking we'll actually head out June 29th and will move in with Jenna's parents for a few weeks until we can make an offer on a home. We say a few weeks with hopeful hearts that the process will go fast! :) We're really happy/grateful to be able to get into our own place soon and Jenna is really excited to be able to decorate our own place soon. While we know the summer will be hot, hot, hot (especially for the baby!) we will definitely be encouraging visitors (all of you!) to come in the winter months when our average temps will be in the 60's.

On that note, we are definitely sad to extend our commute to mom and dad's from 1 hour to 6 1/2 (don't let it discourage you from coming!!) and even more so, to be further from most of our family. But because this is beginning to sound depressing, we are going to move on! Just know, that we will be missing everyone a bunch.

5. We Love You!

I'm sure that there are more exciting things happening that we are forgetting to write about (but probably not..) So we will see you all soon at Fast Sunday/ Bear Lake!

P.S. There are no crocodiles. And, we attached a video we saw lately that we really liked. The beginning is a little strange, but keep watching and it brings a little perspective and a laugh. Enjoy! Click on the title to be linked to it.

Just an Update...  

Posted by Jenna

Life is wonderful!
I am just about over my latest cold and happy to be able to breathe again :). School is going well and my internship has been pretty enjoyable lately. Hyrum has been really busy studying for his LEED test (He's trying to become a LEED AP, which is the new environmental way to build in construction. It's really big right now, and most companies are trying to head in that direction. It should make him more of an asset, which we all know is key in today's economy!- oops! did I say the economy word?) Anyway, the test is in a couple weeks (wish him good luck!) He's also busy with work, school, and callings like always.

We're starting to get excited about moving on from school and into the 'real world' (if we can get a job! nothing too concrete in that arena yet.. but we're really hopeful and feeling ok about things). It's hard to really appreciate your schooling when you're right in the middle of it :)

We went to see Aida a few weeks ago at Viewmont High (Hyrum's alma mater :), and it was amazing!! If you haven't seen it, you're missing out! I had never seen Aida, so I loved it and they have really done an awesome job at the school. The music is awesome. Thanks for the head's up Mary! It was also fun to walk around the legend that is Viewmont :) and see all the sites. It kind of made me wish my school had a little more 'history' but I guess that's Vegas for ya... :)

Last week our Social Work student association (BSWSA) that I am the publicity chair for, put on a benefit concert for The Center for Women and Children in Crisis. It went really well and we had a pretty good turn out (which we were relieved about!) We have yet to see how much we really made after paying the venue and performers... but I think it turned out ok. It's a relief to have it over!

Well, that's all our latest, sorry this isn't much!! But I'm sure we'll have more to write about in a few months (GRADUATION, LIFE, MOVE, JOB, YAY!)

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!  

Posted by Jenna

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

yes, i would like this free dress. thank you!

Our First Christmas

Hyrum and I LOVE our new Wii! I'm always the skeptical one that doesn't really want to fall into the new fad.. so i wait it out for a little while, but I always end up doing it in the end! (Skinny Jeans.. Case & Point) I thought having a Wii would be fun, but not quite all it's hyped up to be. But we really have had so much fun with it! We've played it a few times on 'dates'(A fried of ours said recently that once you get married you start to date other couples... hang out, see if you like it, have the awkward (even when you mean it!)'we should do this again' conversation.. TOTALLY true!) - tangent!- anyway.. It's been a blast for us. Earlier this week we even ditched all our homework and took a 1/2 hour between my internship and class and played together- it totally relieved all the stress of the day. I am won over, definitely a wii fan! Thanks mom & dad!!

This is a picture of our niece Lauren on Christmas morning... i think it was actually taken on accident (she wanted to take a picture of herself) but i think it's really funny! cute face :)

This is Hyrum rocking out at the 'annual' Pitt Family Grown-Up Dinner (I love that it's specified for grown-ups only!) It was karaoke themed which was really fun (for the more performance minded of the family!) and I think everyone loved being together. This is Hyrum during one of his many solos :)

s i x m o n t h s  

Posted by Jenna

Congratulations to us! Our sixth month mark has been reached! I thought it was so fun that the day happened to fall on Christmas Eve, double the celebration! Well... to summarize these six months have been incredible. We've been SO blessed and are so happy to be where we are! We're starting to get the hang of marriage and it just keeps getting better! To celebrate we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a (surprise) dinner :) Bang, Bang, Chicken & Shrimp! It never fails me..