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Life is wonderful!
I am just about over my latest cold and happy to be able to breathe again :). School is going well and my internship has been pretty enjoyable lately. Hyrum has been really busy studying for his LEED test (He's trying to become a LEED AP, which is the new environmental way to build in construction. It's really big right now, and most companies are trying to head in that direction. It should make him more of an asset, which we all know is key in today's economy!- oops! did I say the economy word?) Anyway, the test is in a couple weeks (wish him good luck!) He's also busy with work, school, and callings like always.

We're starting to get excited about moving on from school and into the 'real world' (if we can get a job! nothing too concrete in that arena yet.. but we're really hopeful and feeling ok about things). It's hard to really appreciate your schooling when you're right in the middle of it :)

We went to see Aida a few weeks ago at Viewmont High (Hyrum's alma mater :), and it was amazing!! If you haven't seen it, you're missing out! I had never seen Aida, so I loved it and they have really done an awesome job at the school. The music is awesome. Thanks for the head's up Mary! It was also fun to walk around the legend that is Viewmont :) and see all the sites. It kind of made me wish my school had a little more 'history' but I guess that's Vegas for ya... :)

Last week our Social Work student association (BSWSA) that I am the publicity chair for, put on a benefit concert for The Center for Women and Children in Crisis. It went really well and we had a pretty good turn out (which we were relieved about!) We have yet to see how much we really made after paying the venue and performers... but I think it turned out ok. It's a relief to have it over!

Well, that's all our latest, sorry this isn't much!! But I'm sure we'll have more to write about in a few months (GRADUATION, LIFE, MOVE, JOB, YAY!)

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i heard some exciting rumors about you.....congrats girl!

April 19, 2009 at 9:47 PM

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