Our First Christmas

Hyrum and I LOVE our new Wii! I'm always the skeptical one that doesn't really want to fall into the new fad.. so i wait it out for a little while, but I always end up doing it in the end! (Skinny Jeans.. Case & Point) I thought having a Wii would be fun, but not quite all it's hyped up to be. But we really have had so much fun with it! We've played it a few times on 'dates'(A fried of ours said recently that once you get married you start to date other couples... hang out, see if you like it, have the awkward (even when you mean it!)'we should do this again' conversation.. TOTALLY true!) - tangent!- anyway.. It's been a blast for us. Earlier this week we even ditched all our homework and took a 1/2 hour between my internship and class and played together- it totally relieved all the stress of the day. I am won over, definitely a wii fan! Thanks mom & dad!!

This is a picture of our niece Lauren on Christmas morning... i think it was actually taken on accident (she wanted to take a picture of herself) but i think it's really funny! cute face :)

This is Hyrum rocking out at the 'annual' Pitt Family Grown-Up Dinner (I love that it's specified for grown-ups only!) It was karaoke themed which was really fun (for the more performance minded of the family!) and I think everyone loved being together. This is Hyrum during one of his many solos :)

s i x m o n t h s  

Posted by Jenna

Congratulations to us! Our sixth month mark has been reached! I thought it was so fun that the day happened to fall on Christmas Eve, double the celebration! Well... to summarize these six months have been incredible. We've been SO blessed and are so happy to be where we are! We're starting to get the hang of marriage and it just keeps getting better! To celebrate we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a (surprise) dinner :) Bang, Bang, Chicken & Shrimp! It never fails me..