getting caught up...  

Posted by Jenna

So Hyrum and I decided we would 'blog' each Sunday night that way we'd stay updated and have a great record of our lives! Great idea if we actually did it... but here's to committing anew and posting on the blog. 

Well for starters, Thanksgiving. We had the best time in Vegas! The week went way too fast and before we knew it we were driving back through Mona and on to Provo. But it was so fun to see all of our family and especially the little nephews. Here are some pictures of the trip home

Also we were able to get together with a good chunk of the Roberts side of the family for my grandma's 90th birthday! Ninety and still going strong (if only we could all have the energy she does!) That same week we headed up to Centerville for a wonderful day with the rest of the family. So here'a few more pictures of my grandma and the Pitt women (who i get to be a part of now!!)

Blogging is nooooooooooooooo Fun  

Posted by Hyrum

Ok, so maybe that was too many o's but seriously, how come you can't just do whatever you want to on these blog things. You would think that with how much time i spend at the computer each day I would be able to figure out a "blog." Whatever, I will leave it up to Jenna. I am sure her feminine touch will take care of it. Thanks for reading our blog, even though we can't get a freaking picture in the title.

A More Determined Discipleship - Neal A. Maxwell  

Posted by Jenna

So.. I got an email from Tammy Wood today (some of you may have gotten the same one). In it she included some great quotes by Neal A. Maxwell. I'm going to post the link on here, if anyone has time- give it a read (really.. do it!). It's an awesome talk given at BYU about having courage, and standing for what we believe in and why we should. I only wish I had read it sooner! love you all!

(happy first post!! woo! we did it!)