The moment you've all been waiting for....  

Posted by Jenna

Ok, so probably not... but we've definitely been waiting for it. After six months of searching and hoping and praying... WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

Here it is! I know... we don't love the arches either, but eh, give a little/take a little.

Here is our kitchen.. it is so spacious, I hardly know what to do with all the room.

The family room...

... and the itty bitty backyard for our itty bitty someday-son to play in!

The whole process has been eye-opening and we have learned a ton about being home owners! So far...

1. Picking out paint is a lot harder than you'd think (so is taping off a house)
2. Doorknobs- such an under appreciated necessity- and quite the chunk of change too!
3. Plumbers have a hard job!
4. No wonder they have stores like Home Depot and Lowes
5. Our families are the greatest blessings we have!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!

Just some pictures of the painting process..

The "color inspiration" as they say on HGTV

We'll wow you with some before and after pictures someday when we get things put away and decorated :)

Mary's very first trip to Vegas!!  

Posted by Jenna

We are so lucky that our wonderful sister Mary came to visit us last weekend! It was a blast to have her here and it gave us the perfect excuse to get away and do something FUN!!

Hyrum and I have been planning on celebrating our one year anniversary for some time now (since June actually.. four months late isn't SO bad, right?) and we decided that we would treat ourselves to a musical- one of the great perks of living in a big city. Well it just so happens that Mary loves musicals too, and that she had never seen The Lion King (which was our show of choice).. PERFECT!! So we surprised Mary (with some help!) and went to the show. It was so good! We all did admit that it loses a little of the effect when the man behind you starts quoting the words a half second before the performers...buuuut I guess that's what you get when you buy the cheap tickets, right? (Luckily he only did it a couple times!)

Cute Siblings..

Nothing like a first anniversary picture when your big and pregnant!

We also spent the weekend trying our luck at the slots...

...and trying out new paint colors for our HOUSE! (House, you say? I know.. that post should have come first.. but we have a house!! and it's wonderful! and I will post about it so soon.)

Thank you SO much for coming Mary! It meant so much to us, and we loved the company. Next time we'll be coming up to see YOU with our little guy in tow! woo!